Relationship Coaching

Vania Ogenio Dieujuste, M.S. Culture, Organization & Management

The Context Creator

* Certified Coach

* Change Management Specialist

Master of Science (M.S.) in Culture, Organization and Management from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in International Business and Languages from Saxion Hogeschool Enschede in The Netherlands.

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➤ Are you a hardworking professional whose career is surging but your love life is not?

➤ Are you a logical person who sometimes think long and hard before you do anything instead of just following your heart?

➤ Are you a get-it-done type who finds it hard to connect with others because they don’t always live up to your expectations?

➤ Do you struggle with romantic gestures, public displays of affection, or mushy dialogs?

➤ Do you tend to be overly critical and judgmental, which makes you come across cold and detached?

➤ Do you get energy from being alone rather than from social activities but still long to connect with that special person?

➤ Does your resting face make people think you’d rather be left alone when that couldn’t be further from the truth?

It can be difficult to feel like no one understands you. However, nothing is ever black or white, which is why I will ask thoughtful questions, use various scenarios in order to create the proper context when discussing your presenting concerns.

If we haven’t met yet, Hi, I’m Vania Dieujuste. I’m a Certified Relationship Coach and Change Management Specialist. I specialize in working with men and women who struggle with inflexible behavior, rigid thinking, expression, communication, etc., which causes them to encounter difficulties at school or at work, or experience problems in their relationship with their family or partner.

As a person whose strength is to recognize, understand and manage emotions, one of the ways I help my clients overcome their struggles is to increase their self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management in order to better understand their own emotions, control their emotions, gauge how other people feel, and be open to other people’s feelings.

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